Maps of Climate Change Activists and Organizations


First learn more about Climate Change, and then find local organizations and activists. Your participation is most needed and welcome.

The problem is that the oil lobby allegedly pays the internet giants to suppress climate change information.  So we all need to get offline, and meet other climate change activists in person.  These maps amd lists should help you to find the local organizations. 

This web sitein starting locally, but is also covering major international organizations. Please volunteer to help cover organizations in your region.

I invite you to login in and add your organization.   

Sub Categories

1. The Best Climate Change Videos Great short videos about climate change
2. Activist Organizatins in Silesia These are maps of organizations in Silesia which are actively working for clean air and against climate change.
3. Geographically Distributed Organizations Here you will lists of geographically distributed organizations fighting climate change. Many have their own maps.
4. Important Articles and Links Here are the webpages which I rercommend you read.
5. News Organizations Recommended sources of news about Climate Change. These organizations do not censor climate change news.
6. About This WebSite Contact Info, and more.
7. Climate Change Overview
8. Najlepsze polskie filmy o Smogu. Wszystkie te filmy są w języku polskim.
9. English Language Videos About Smog. The best english language videos about smog. Includes some other languages also.
10. Filmy o Smogu w Katowicach. Filmy o Smogu w Katowicach.
11. Polish Smog Videos The best Polish Language Videos about Smog.